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Does this sound familiar?


You wake up Monday morning determined
to eat healthy/exercise more/spend time on
self care THIS WEEK.  For two days you’re
crushing it, but then life happens. Suddenly,
it’s Sunday night and rather than running
your week, it ran you. But that’s life right?


Hi, I’m Jessica, and that was me, too!


As a mom of three active boys, I felt pulled
in all directions. I considered it a success
to get dinner on the table and everyone
to leep before I collapsed into bed. I had
a long list of to-dos that I kept putting off
until “tomorrow”. I thought this was just
the way life worked.


Until I got handed (aka: force fed) the opportunity to change.


10 years ago, my husband and all 3 sons were diagnosed with a severe gluten intolerance, among other food sensitivities. I needed to change everything about the way I was feeding my family, and fast. Not the big buzzword it is today, gluten-free was an idea most of my friends and family had never heard of. There were no GF menus at restaurants, no GF labels on packaged snacks.


I would have to figure out a way to make almost all of our meals and snacks at home, from scratch.


To get my kids on board, it would all have to taste awesome, too. No problem...ahem.


There was definitely some trial and error (the memory of those “gluey” muffins still lingers). Eventually, we worked out some simple meals made with whole foods that everyone loved (mostly veggies, healthy fats, and clean proteins) and that I could get on the table without hours spent in the kitchen.


As I watched my husband’s “untreatable” ulcer disappear, and my kids digestive issues resolve, I also started noticing changes in myself.


I was feeling mentally clearer, more energized and more “me” than I had in years.


This awesome feeling made me curious - how great can I feel? I started researching all things health: not just nutrients and our food system, but sleep, movement, stress management, and social connection. I tried it all..well, a lot of it.


The parts I kept were what made me feel alive, vibrant and empowered.


I found my signal through all the noise of health and wellness advice. I made that signal stronger every day by adding simple habits to my routine. These habits built upon each other to move me toward my vision of my best self.

Now I:

  • Have loads of energy to get “stuff” done.

  • Love my workouts.

  • Am serious friends with veggies and cooking.

  • Feel more connected with myself and my loved ones.

  • Have time for fun (for me that’s reading, dancing, and playing with my dog).

  • Love helping others find their own healthiest, vibrant self.


That was my unique journey to health and wellness. Now, I want to partner with you on yours.


As an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach, I will meet you where you are on your health journey and work WITH you to:


  • Develop your unique vision of that vibrant you.

  • Unlock your own wisdom and inner expert.

  • Break down your health and wellness goals into realistic steps.

  • Turn those steps into simple habits that are easy and sustainable for YOU (not your neighbor, mother, favorite celebrity, etc.).


Interested in finding your healthy? Let’s get started!


Are you ready to
find your healthy?

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