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Does this
sound familiar?

You wake up Monday morning determined to eat healthy/exercise more/spend time on self care THIS WEEK.  For two days you’re crushing it, but then life happens. Suddenly, it’s Sunday night and rather than running your week, it ran you. But that’s life right?


Hi, I’m Jessica, and that was me, too!


As a mom of three active boys, I felt pulled in all directions. I considered it a success to get dinner on the table and everyone to sleep before I collapsed into bed. I had a long list of to-dos that I kept putting off until “tomorrow”. I thought this was just the way life worked.


Until I got handed (aka: force fed) the opportunity to change.

What People are Saying...

The experience I had with Jessica's coaching provided a space of reflection, accountability, and integrity. I appreciated her providing a safe space of openness between each other as well as having a different perspective and offering different ideas pertaining to what I was going through. When I signed up for Jessica's coaching, I initially thought of her helping me with my fitness; however, her coaching helped me with my spiritual journey instead. Therefore, her coaching can be helpful in so many different areas of your life. I definitely recommend Jessica for a safe space to be open, provide accountability and reflection, and find a different perspective to guide you to your goals!

Lisa M


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